Andrea Peattie May 1, 2020

Cheshire Downs Syndrome Support (CDSSG) is a small local charity supporting families and children with Down’s Syndrome (DS). The charity was established in 2007 by a group of Cheshire mums who all had babies with Down’s syndrome. It is entirely self-funded and reliant on support from families and volunteers.

Rebecca Goodier Fundraising and Communications Manager contacted Cheshire Connect as the charity was in need of a Graphic Designer to help design a number of event posters and some branding ideas for 2020.

Cheshire Connect introduced Cheshire Downs Syndrome Support to David Bradburn MD Opus Creative.

Rebecca Goodier Said: “I found the introduction from Cheshire Connect to Dave Bradburn very smooth, from the email from Georgina to say she’d found us a potential Graphic Designer, through to her meeting him and checking we were both suitable for each other, to the face to face meeting where all 3 participants attended.  I then had to wait for the relevant documentation to be created and signed before I could contact Dave direct.  Dave was very keen on helping our charity and to find out more about what we do which will help him with the upcoming work he is going to complete for us.  Thank you for finding Dave and putting us in touch.”