What’s big, bold and out today?

The brand new Cheshire Connect website!

Cheshire Connect has always had big, bold dreams for the future of not-for-profits across the county and as our ambitions continue to grow, now too does our website! 

Our new website aims to further strengthen understanding of what we do and the services we provide, and also to provide more insights into who we are, the incredible partners we work with and the impact they are having across Cheshire.

Some of the changes include:

  • A whole page dedicated to our team where you can see us, and contact every one of us direct

  • A constantly updated blog (you’re reading it now!) sharing not only the positive stories we get to hear daily but also valuable insights & knowledge from across the world of not-for-profits

  • A page dedicated entirely to DONATIONS so we can continue to help more and more people across the region

As CEO of Cheshire Connect, I’m very excited about the new website and lots of other initiatives that we’re working on that will help empower both the charity and the business sector in Cheshire.

To those who already work with us, and those who we’ll partner with in future, all the very best!

Your Sincerely, 
Martin Howlett

CEO of Cheshire Connect